The moment I fell in love with myself

"Lookin' in my own eyes, 'Hello!' I can find the love I want..."
My ringtone is specifically chosen as the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song, 'Aeroplane.'
After about the 40th time of being asked, "Why?!" I have finally come up with the appropriate words to form an answer.

If you haven't heard the song, it sounds rather raunchy. "I like pleasure spiked with pain, and music is my aeroplane," but like most poetry, there's a deeper meaning. 

At least, I hear a deeper meaning. That could be simply because I'm rather deep myself.

Anywhoo - the question for today:
When you look into the mirror every morning, what do you say to yourself?

(....Or, do you avoid the mirror?)
Do you love what you see?
Here's a to-do:
Do it right now (before you lose courage):
 - Find the nearest mirror. Any mirror. The mirror above your armoire, a public restroom mirror, even the reflection in a store-front window. Whatever.
 - Look into your own eyes.
 - Repeat after me: "I Love You." (It's a hearty action.)
 - Say it again, "I Love You."
 - One more time, "I Love You."

What emotions come up?
     Pride? Relish that. That's big.
     Regret? Find a way to release that.
     Longing? Fulfill that bitch.
     Love? gimme a yesYES!
If you feel anything negative, reach out. (I am right here.)
"Give not from your cup, give from your saucer." The overflow. Love yourself so much that you spill that shit.

We are unable to give love until we are able to look into our own eyes and find the love we want.
It's time to fall in love with ourselves. If you're not in that or working toward that, something in your life is calling for change. We only feel discomfort when our soul is unfulfilled; it's calling out to you. Fix it.

The day I fell in love with myself was the day I noticed the world is in love with me too. That is the truth. Like magic, I noticed.

You deserve to love yourself as you are right now. Find the love you want by looking in your own eyes.

P.S. I mean, we don't have to fall in love with ourselves; but if we don't at least try, then wtf are we doing it all for anyway?

Link to the song:  Aeroplane: Song by Red Hot Chili peppers 
(credits go to Anthony Kiedis and Lisa Nichols)