Embrace the Rainbow

Driving south one delightful stormy morning, I was heading directly into blue, sunny skies. I happen to look to the west of me as I am driving. Something pulled my glance in that direction, as if I had the feeling of being watched something pulled my attention to gaze. It was a rainbow that caught my eye. A rainbow with such brilliant color that it stole my breath. Its background was of beautiful sunny skies. Knowing scientifically how a rainbow is made, the ability to see this rainbow from my perspective is perplexing. It was a full rainbow. Its colors so brilliant I could define each one next to the other. It was in reverse, and the indigo was set at the top of this rainbow. The hills behind the rainbow were highlighted by the morning’s sunrise which intricately enhanced the colors even more. It was incredible. As I headed out of the storm-filled skies, into the drier climate, the rainbow remained; its prominence exposed reflecting its magnificence. I made a turn, now driving east,…

Discover and follow your passions!

Dearest Friends,

Turtle step question #1:
What are you passionate about? (What makes your heart leap?)

Turtle step question #2:
What actions are you taking to do that thing?

Turtle step question #3:
What time of day are you carving out to do that activity every day?

That is all.
(My answers are in the comments...)

Carry on!

Love ya!


Moment of Weakness

I graciously accepted an invitation to an annual holiday party hosted by my writing peer, Melanie Millburn through my writer’s critique group. The invitation made me feel like one of them. I’ve arrived. I have become a writer! When you’re invited into your tribe, you have become, right?
That’s what I thought anyway. To ready for the event, participants were to prepare a piece to share with the group. Something already published, or something that we’ve written for the event itself. A sample of our writing. I prepared a speech about being a writer. My “piece” was not a writing, it was a lecture about the very thing everyone who joined this holiday celebration already knows. Launching writers know about the critique process, the publishing hardships, the writer’s block, the blogs they’ve started and struggle to find members for. These writers know about their passion. They’re actively working toward their passions! Still, I thought my perception may be a fun piece to share with the group. …

How often does your Day Job interfere with your Passion?


This morning I was hot with my passion like butter on a roll!
I did all of my passion work! I got up early, showered, dressed and went right to work on my novel for NaNoWriMo. The creative juices were flowing out of me so smooth that I didn't want to stop writing. I love days like today. I don't know where the ideas come from, but there they are, and I was able to seize the moment and create!

The creativity wasn't stopping with NaNoWriMo, either! I was also able to write a section for my Autobiography. Then, an idea for a story that was given to me a while ago by a friend (thanks, Michaela!)  started to form solid roots, and I couldn't get it onto paper fast enough! It was incredible! That's three writings all before I had to head to work at 8:30 in the morning! Three new creations! See? Hot butter!

...but inevitably, the time did catch up with me, and I did have to go to work.

Don't get me wrong. I. Love. My. (Day.) Job.
It's creative and fu…



The struggle is real. You know what your passion is, but you find it difficult to keep doing the work.

Why is that?
We all have our reasons to block our passions. Questions like:
     Q1. I don't want to look like a fake.
     Q2. Is my art worthy?
     Q3. I don't know what I'm doing.
     Q4. The next step seems impossible.
     Q5. I'm afraid of what my family/friends/co-workers, etc. might think of me after seeing my art.

These are just some of our internal blocks.
Let me answer some of them for you:
     A1. How can you be a fake when you are creating something original? Creativity is pure authenticity.
     A2. Of course it's worthy. How did you feel while creating it? Isn't that worthy enough? If you happen to gain monetarily from your art, that's a bonus. (Don't make that the goal, however... not yet anyway.) It's not your place to say whether or not your art is worthy. The value of your art is to be determined by you, and when othe…

Now that you've created your thing... What's next?


This post is specific to writing. If you're an artist of another nature, I bet you don't need editorial services so I will see you again soon!

For writers:
You've written your story.
What are you going to do with it now?

The first thing you'll need to do - and it ain't easy - is to share it with someone!
It's great to start with someone close to you. They will tell you what they think of your story. BUT, don't stop there. Most likely, that person is really gonna love it. Why? Because they love YOU.

It's beneficial to find a writer's group to help assess your writing. You can easily join one through a local Meetup group - search writing groups. You will find something. If there is nothing in your area, or you aren't able to meet at the times they do, then start your own group!
It's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! (

After receiving feedback from your people, find an editor.
You can freelance an editor by searching Google for a fr…

Radio Interview tomorrow (10/29/18)!


Monday, October 29 @ 9:00am (MST) on
You will hear my interview with Zack Hively on their radio program 4-Corners Art Forum!

There are three things I talk about during the interview:
1. My Maria's Bookshop reading for The Mango Tree that takes place at 10:00am 10/29!
2. Connecting through conversation.
3. Seeking your own passion: Find it, Love it, Build it!

You build your passions by taking the turtle steps to do so. Living your passion will not simply happen for you one day - no matter how much you work on your manifestation skills. Passion-driven successes work when you work toward them.

Step 1 - Declare it;
Step 2 - Do it;
Step 3 - Step, stop. Step, stop.

I hope you are able to hear my interview tomorrow!

Until next time, keep steppin'!


Feeling Lost, Overwhelmed: START HERE

Dearest Friends,

We've become stagnant.
I have a bit of simple wisdom for you. This is quick. (Promise.)

You're at the first stage? Do that. Write.
Stop getting bogged down by the entire process. You're not even there yet! You're at the writing stage. Do that.

There is no 2nd step if you don't do the 1st step!

Guys- START YOUR WRITING (or art, or whatever it is that you do).
I'm HERE to help you!

Get your idea on paper. Write.
You don't even know what comes next if you've got nothin' on paper!

That's all.
(See? Simple.)

PS Then, when you get to step 2 and start to feel lost and overwhelmed:
I'M HERE TO HELP AGAIN! I've navigated these steps, and though everyone's process is different, I can help. But not until you do step 1.

Step 4. The (literal) Turtle Steps


Take your time with this Post... There's a lot here!

So, you may be asking: Why is this blog titled "Turtle Steps"? 
Here's why: I learned a relevant technique from my guru and master manifester, Martha Beck. By using her techniques, she is the reason for many of my writing accomplishments, and for attaining many of my goals. I'd like to share with you how her process works.
We are all bogged down by our dramas. I don't care who you are, or what you do, we all have our issues. It doesn't matter what the issues are, they are there, and we're all put on this planet to learn to accept them, to work with them, and often to move around them. 
Meanwhile, we've got these goals that we each dream about and want to reach. It could be anything. A new home, a new boyfriend, a new career, or to publish a book. When I sit down to write, I have clearly defined my goal - "I find passion in this writing, and I want to publish this sucker." Walk…

Step 3. Action Paction!


If you've followed the turtle steps so far, you have accomplished two very major feats.
You've declared your passion to the people around you who are able to support you most, and you've committed yourself to your passion by setting aside a time each day to do your passion.

Have you started the action?
If so, please share how it has come together for you.
Did you mark your calendar and set time aside each day to work on your passion thing?
What tools have helped in your commitment?
What are your hold-ups and hurdles?
Please share what works for you!

If you're still struggling, I'd like to share how this process has come together for me. Maybe something here will help you, too.

The commitment to my passion works like this in my life:
I have to wake up early in order to declare time to commit to my passion.
As I stated previously, I have kids and a husband and a job and pets and my home to take care of. Plus I'm enrolled in classes! Not to mention the da…

Step 2: Commit Yourself

Friends, You have made your declaration. First to yourself, then to your partner, family, friends, and other supporters. Now it’s time to commit to yourself.
We commit ourselves every day to different things and to different people. We make promises, and we fulfill these promises. Often, they are simple promises that may seem like nothing other than a duty. However, indeed, they are commitments.
For example, I feed my family. I make a commitment every day to in some way be responsible for the fullness of my kids’ tummies. I either cook dinner for them, or buy dinner for us, or in some way make sure food is provided.
My family can depend on a meal being provided by me every day. That is a commitment that I have made to my family.
It seems to be an obvious commitment, doesn’t it? I mean, it is my responsibility, my duty to them. And to myself. Food is important, imperative, and a given. We know that food is required to live, and it is my commitment to my family to feed them.
Another example:
I have c…

Step 1: Declare yourself!

I am an author. That, my Friends, is a declaration.
What does it mean to declare a thing? And how does one declare something?
About five years ago, I realized that if I was going to actually become the thing that empassions me most, an author, then I better start doing something to make that passion happen. No more making excuses for all the reasons I can't do my passion thing. No more setting that thing aside. It's time to own it.
But where to start?
Being an author wasn't a choice. It's a thing that consumes me. Writings often move through me. Sure, I get to "take credit" for the things I produce, but they aren't of me.
When I chose to declare being an author as my passion, I had to make some very determined changes in my life. I have a bunch of kids. I have a job. I have a husband. I have a house. I have pets. I have cleaning. I have cooking. I have stuff going on in my world - every day, every moment. I can't escape that stuff...
...or can I? Wel…

Let's meet!


You found me! 
Now, what are we gonna do together? 
There is so much to learn about regarding the entire writing/editing/layout/publishing process. I believe we can do better by encouraging each other. That's the intent of this page.

Here's a little info about me:
I was born in Santa Cruz, California, spent five years on Kaua’i and finally settled near Durango, Colorado where I live in the mountains with my husband, Jeff, two curious children, and a third who’s grown and out creating her own adventures. I'm involved in different community organizations, work at the local library, write and continue to create, ponder and discover!

Currently, I have two books published and am working on a third. There was so much to learn throughout the publishing process - it's a tricky business, but when you're passion-driven, I learned, "turtle steps can get you anywhere". The biggest thing I have learned is about those turtle steps. We'll delve into those soon!