It's a slow process...

...following our dreams, but so incredibly worthy.

Can you imagine living whatever it is you dream of having?
I'm not talking like The Secret. (remember the film/book by Rhonda Burns?)
I'm talking about ACHIEVING your dream, not hoping it will energetically appear.

I'm talking about imagining the end result, picking a small piece of that end result, and working toward that - slowly. One step, one day, one idea, one inspired moment at a time.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my job.
Since then, I completed the Life-coaching course which I've been working on for the past 9 months.(well, truth be told, I've been working toward this dream my entire life. I was built for this, and every single incident in my life has guided me in this direction.)

Now, I'm picking up new clients every week.
Simultaneously, I'm working my day job.
...because that's how slowly the dream-fulfilling process works.

When dreams are meant to become reality, it happens naturally with very little "work" on your part or interference from the outside. It happens when you recognize what makes you happy, follow that, and turn your back on things that don't make you happy.
It's really, truly that simple.

Dreams come true naturally when you follow your joy in every moment.
We get to play by taking action wherever action feels great, uncover any blocks we have, begin untangling those blocks, and take the teeny-tiny-turtle-steps toward achieving that dream.

The process is:

The first step toward living your dream is to imagine it.

I can help you imagine your dreams, untangle your blocks, and teach you how to playfully achieve that dream.

Click on the link to schedule a free mini session with me.
I'll show you how great coaching feels!

Be hearty 🎔