Integrity-filled Life

When you're living an integrity-filled life, you get to do it everywhere. 
It's nice & cozy with your friends - you hand selected them, after all. 
But what about in your job, and with your family (particularly the members not closest to you)?
To live in full integrity, you cannot pick and choose when your truths are revealed. 
You must speak them everywhere.
When you speak your truth and when you act according to your heart's truest desires, you will be lead to the place your soul yearns for. 

Then watch those around you begin to live in their integrity alongside you because you have created the space for everyone in your life to move toward their own desires, truths, and passions.

This is how you build your tribe. 
Soon enough, by speaking your truth and living in integrity all the time, you will notice that only people who support and encourage you are in your life. 
You begin to draw your people to you, magically!

Everyone else, somehow, has drifted painlessly away.

It's miraculous to witness and wonderous to experience.

Try it!
The only thing you're vulnerable to lose is your false self.

Enjoy your day!