I returned home from one of my annual passion-drivers, the International Women's Summit. Working at the library, one of the first things I do anytime I return from any trip is to check my library account to ensure nothing is overdue and see what the status on my personal holds are - have they arrived yet? Are they on their way?
     When I returned from this trip and checked my account online, I found a title listed on my hold for me that I had never heard of before, Pronoia. I didn't remember placing this hold. I don't remember even having heard the title before. I had no idea where this hold came from or why it was placed on my account. But I love Universal nudges, so figured there was some reason for this title being placed on my library card. I thought, I'll just see what this book is when it arrives at the library.
     The next morning, Robbie texted me a photo of a scribble she had jotted down in the middle of the night. She said she found it funny that she even wanted to share it with me, but felt compelled to do so.
     I had just arrived at work that morning when I received the image and agreed with Robbie that the image was interesting, and also, why the eff are you sharing this with me? 
      Following my labyrinth experience on Maui a couple years ago, I had made the decision to build my own labyrinth. Well, this was spring, and it was time to begin plotting out my labyrinth. Following the summit, before noticing the hold on my card, prior to Robbie's message, I started plotting the labyrinth out. I found the pattern I wanted to use for my labyrinth - the 11 Circuit Chartres; I decided to place a fire pit in the center of the labyrinth with stumps for seats. I would use rocks from my new property to form the pathways of the labyrinth and larger stones to create the firepit. I had it all drawn out and ready to go. I just needed to figure out the dimensions and actually begin building it. For some reason, I felt another nudge to look into that hold that was placed on my library card for Pronoia. I went on and found the title: Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia. I was immediately awestruck by the cover. It matched exactly the idea I had for my labyrith: 
Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia, Revised and Expanded: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings   Looking up the title that was somehow secretly placed on hold on my library card. I read the description and some of the reviews for the book - which are all over the place. Some people LOVE the notion, others like the idea but hate the way it's portrayed in the book, and still other people hated the concept, the writing everything about the book. 
     Reading the description and reviews didn't help me decide where this hold came from or whether this was something I was actually interested in reading or not. So I left the title on hold and became mesmerized by the cover because