Our minds are SO weird!

The other morning my alarm clock rang at 6:00am.
Immediately, I disabled it and went right back to sleep.
A few minutes later I heard the gentle dripping of the automatic coffee maker and I began to smell the fresh brew - fully knowing that my coffee will taste slightly burnt once I actually get around to drinking it...

The alarm went off again at 7:00am, and I felt refreshed and ready to PLAY!
(...sure enough, I could smell the slight burn of the coffee... Sad news.)

As I readied for my day-job, showering, primping, dressing, makuping, doing the due, I wondered, "Why do I have my alarm set for 6:00am at all?"

There is no answer.
My morning routine is super simple.

By asking myself questions and digging deep, I noticed that this behavior didn't make me feel good.
With further investigation, I realized:

  • I have continued my Pre-COVID ritual of getting up for a job that used to begin at 8:00.
  • These days are new days, however, and those Pre-COVID days are over. My job starts at 9:00 - FROM HOME! Adjust!
  • What time do I feel *good* waking up to? (Generally, 7:00am)
  • Is there any reason at all to get up earlier than that? (Nope!)
  • What have I been doing that gets me up at 6:00am? (Nothin', I hit snooze and go right back to sleep - every time!)
So I started something fresh. 
I set my alarm for 7:00am.
I readjusted my automatic coffee maker to brew at 7:00am.
Now in the mornings I feel refreshed and I've even added a short workout routine to my morning ritual! (And my coffee hasn't tasted or smelled burned one single time! I actually enjoy it because it's freshly brewed!)

When you find yourself NOT doing something, figure out why!
When something doesn't FEEL good to you, and you continue to do it - start asking questions!
Dive deep - there's always a reason for the behavior. 

Be hearty 🤍