The Moth

Last night as I readied myself for bed, I went to wipe my hands on a hand towel in the bathroom.

There sat a beautiful deep purple moth. S/he was resting gently, peacefully.

Wiping my hands on my pants instead, I quickly cupped the moth in my dried hands. As I walked toward the door to place it outside, s/he began to struggle and panic. It creeped me out as s/he fluttered strongly against the palm of my closed hand.

I was speaking gently to the moth, "I'm here to save you! I'm setting you free! You have nothing to worry about. Just trust me!"

When I finally reached the door, opened it and released the moth into the air, I watched her tumble toward the ground. Before hitting however, she was able to show a semblance of control over her body. She took flight in the way that moths do - fumbling and awkward.

But s/he did take flight. S/he did find the way. And I promise you this: s/he's much happier outside than s/he would have been living on my handtowel.

But isn't this what we all do? We find ourselves in a comfortable place and think, "Ahhhhh. This is nice. This is good for me. I'm gonna stay right here!" And the Universe cups us gracefully in her gentle hands, removing us from a place only she knows isn't quite right. She takes us to a place that's much better suited to our needs and releases us.

The entire time, we struggle and fumble around and panic inside her gently cupped hands, fighting against the transition that is happening.

When she finally releases us, we begin to fall toward the ground. But somehow, someway, we are resilient, and yes often, a bit awkward as we take flight and find our new way.

This is life!
We find comfort and familiarity.
Something just isn't quite right though.
We're given the opportunity for change (often against our own choosing) - which we resist!
We struggle, fumble, fight against the transition.
Once released into something new, we spiral downward for a bit.
Just before crashing ourselves completely into the ground, however...
.... we find our way.
Awkwardly at first,
but eventually,
we soar.

AND we are safe and held by universal perfection the entire time.
         (­čáëRemember this part­čáë)

We are always headed to someplace better.
It's not easy, but it is hearty. And like magic, you will be released into something much more beautiful than you could have imagined for yourself.

This is surrender.
This is faith.
There is only one action we are responsible for:
Do the things you love to do, follow your heart, and life will guide you.

Enjoy your day ♡