It's been a while...

My home is really beautiful.
We have a pond (photo attached).
We also have 5 lovely, shared kiddos.
(My life has changed a lot since my last blog-post!)

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on the dock of our beautiful pond watching our lovely chillen's play. They were swimming and floating on the boats and having a wonderful time.

One of them says to me, "Brooke! Go get your swimsuit on! Come swim with us!"
I was immediately hit with a sense of rage. (Hold on - this get's good...)

It was 2:30 in the afternoon.
I had just showered and dressed so I could go to my day-job.
In the midst of COVID, my employer had just started serving books - Curbside (join the club, right?).

Instead of swimming with the kids, which is where my heart wanted to be, I was stuck in a little self-rage and I didn't quite understand the reason.

I've always loved my job. I mean ***LOVE*** my job!
This was the first time I felt differently.

Minutes after I was asked to join the fun, and these feelings of discontent (rage) overtook me, I found myself straightening books on shelves.
I began asking myself, "Why am I feeling so angry right now?"
"Where is my discontent coming from?"

Then it hit me.
I'm ready!
For what?
I'm ready to begin to release my "job" and move toward making Life-coaching my "business"!

I'm ready to begin making that shift!
As soon as I named it, I felt joyful (the truth always feels good), and I began taking steps to pursue my dream.

Getting curious when things feel off, then noticing where the discontent is coming from, and making subtle changes creates a magical-purely-Joyful-life!

So, let me ask you:
What's your goal? Where are you feeling blocked?
(Mine is to pursue life-coaching as my FTE; my block was not acknowledging what I really wanted!)

If you're interested in a FREE mini-session, email me.
(There's no commitment, and my sessions are only $25/hour if you end up wanting more!)
Together, we'll untangle your blocks and reach your goals.

Be Hearty 🤍 Take an initial step toward your best life.