Universal Nudges

I had a hard morning a few days ago. One of those beginnings when nothing seems to go right. I started getting grumpy with myself and questioning my truths, my integrity, even. It was one of those mornings.
     I decided to do something different for myself and walk to work. I believe that in order to get out of a rut, it helps to change a thing, any-damned-thing, and it'll switch up your life. Hug a dog, put on red lipstick, stand on your head - anything!
     Walking to work that day definitely shifted something for me.
     As I walked, I realized I left the keys to the library (where I work) at home. "Meh, that's ok. Someone will let me into the building when I get there."
     I worked for a few hours and had lunch outside at the library's park with my kids, which was lovely.
     Afterward, I needed to walk back home to pick up Julieta-Tortoise because it was her day to visit the library! (I truly have the best day job in the entire world.)
     As I walked home, I realized I had forgotten my house and car keys back at work. "It's okay. I'll use the spare key to get into the house and then I'll find Jeff's spare key for my car to drive back to work with Julieta."
The camera was pointed
directly above my head
to capture this storm cloud
above me.
     Right after having this conversation with myself, it started to rain. The drops were heavy and large. "It's such a dry climate, as soon as the drips touch my skin, they're evaporating."
     (Insert thunderclap here.) 
     "There's a very small chance that I'll actually get struck by lightning," I think to myself as I walk through an open field.
     As I approach my home, all of my neighbor's trash canisters are neatly lined up along the side of the road after the trash had been picked up earlier in the day. Ours was laying in the ditch all alone.
     This is when I laughed out loud. And I got it. 
     That morning when I woke up feeling off-kilter, the universe wasn't asking me to change who I am, or telling me that I need to question my truths and my very being!
     She was nudging me to get me to giggle!
     What if that's what she's doing for us all the time? Like giving little Universal elbow bumps over and over again until we crack a smile.
     Seeing my trash bin knocked over, I chose to believe she was saying, "Hey there, Brookie. I'm gonna keep pokin' at you until you laugh." And I decided to change my outlook. She wasn't poking at me to make me change or question myself; but rather to make me giggle at how silly it all is. (We truly take things way too seriously.)
     Whether that is the truth or not, I don't know. But I do know it's a much kinder, gentler, more hearty approach to receiving her little Universal Nudges. So I'm going with it. 
A real-life image of
Universe's humor.
     When life gives you lemons, find a reason to giggle. If nothing else, it can lighten the mood, and isn't that the whole point, anyway?
     Enjoy your day.

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